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IBC Radio Network is a radio service with a unique, all-talk format distributed coast-to-coast and worldwide. We currently carry business, news, science, and paranormal content. We are focused on providing specialized niche content not found anywhere else. IBC Radio Network is "on the air" 24 hours per day, seven days per week.Ninety percent of our shows are "EXCLUSIVE" to IBC and may not be broadcast without express written or contractual concent.

IBC Radio Network is a media division owned and operated by International Broadcasting Corporation, a publicly-traded company, ticker symbol "IBCS." IBCS is based on Santa Maria, California. Click on the logo below for more information about the parent company:

Contact Us
E-mail: office@ibcmedia.com
Tel: 1-(805)-938-5573
Fax: 1-(509)-357-7111

ibc radio commentary on the OTC stock market
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